Box League



A Box League is an organised divisional league that encourages play among members. You will play against players that are near to your ability level. It is played based on a calendar month and it is easy for players to join or drop out as the “Boxes” are reset each month. The commitment from players is to make every effort to play your matches assigned for the month.

The way it works is simple… all those interested are loosely ranked according to ability, results of matches when possible and randomly for new or beginners. Players are broken into groups of 4-5 depending on the total number of participants. Each group is a “box” that has a month to play a mini round-robin among the other players in the same box. The list and boxes are reset each calendar month. Scheduling of matches is completely flexible and is entirely up to each player.

Each month all players in each Box will be emailed (or texted) the contact information for other players in the same box. You must keep track of all the game point scores as they are needed for tie break determination. When you finish a match the winner (or loser if you agree to it) submits the scores. The results are posted online so you’ll know your results and status during the course of the monthly cycle.

League Format

  •  Boxes will be set up monthly. Usually the boxes will be posted in the first few days of the calendar month.
  • Each box will usually consist of 4-5 players, playing each other once during the month. The typical player will play 3-4 matches a month.
  • Each match is first to win 3 games. Games are to 11 points with Point a Rally scoring. (unless mutually agreed prior to the match to use Point on Serve scoring)
  • Scoring Points will be awarded for:
  • 1 point for each game won
  • Highest total Scoring Points wins the Box
  • In the case of a tie, the winner is the winner of the head-to-head match. In a three way tie, the winner is the player who allows the fewest points to the other players.

League Rules

  • Generally, the winner of each box will move up one level, while the loser will move down a level. The 2-3 remaining middle players remain in the same box for next month’s play. The League administrator reserves the right to change the order and ranking when determining the boxes.
  • The number of participants in the Box League may impact the players assigned to each box each month.
  • If you sign up and commit to a league spot for a month you are expected to play your matches. If you don’t you’ll annoy the other players in the league.
  • Matches will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time by both players.
  • Matches may be played at any time during the month but must be completed and reported by the last day of the month.
  • The winning player is responsible for reporting scores via Clubmanager.
  •  If results can’t be entered into club manager they can be sent to the Club Secretary:
  •  Any player who fails to show for a box match that has been mutually scheduled will be assessed as forfeiting the match. The player who was present at the scheduled time will be allotted 3 points and the match will count as being played for that person.
  • Players must complete at least one of their matches to be automatically included in the next month’s box.
  • Players may enter or exit the box league for the following month, by using the “join” or “drop out” function on Clubmanager.
  • League administrator is the Club Secretary.